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Space Jams?! #seewhatididthere #kellyplaceillustrations

#tbt to 2009 when @kevinpdevine played in Philly (at world cafe live?) And when I had bangs

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The Taxpayers,
To Risk So Much For One Damn Meal


I really love this song.

"It’s not crazy to get your shoes and just start walking until the sun comes up."

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Listen to: Fuzzy Blackouts by Safety Razors

yes yes yes

The fuzzy blackouts wipe out your deja vu.
The days and weeks and months just pile up to fuck with you.
Baby I stole this bottle, emptied and smashed it.
Forgot my name and address. Now I’m in this pile, naked and at your feet. At your feet.
I guess I never thought that we would make it through this.
I would have never have made it this far without you.

Hey! What's your soup recipe I have both sweet potatoes and butternut squash! Please pass along!
lauriebreaker lauriebreaker Said:

surely! Peel the potato(es) & squash, cut them up into chunks. Also do that to an apple. and an onion. Put those into a crockpot/slowcooker, dump in a can of coconut milk (not the ‘lite’ kind preferably), and I added a veggie bouillon cube, and a bit of cinnamon & ginger too. Let it cook on low overnight(what I did), or for probably at least 5 hours? Everything should be mushable at that point, so, you can either just mush it together like that, or if you’ve got an immersion blender, blend up maybe half of it so there’s still some little chunks, or you could throw half of it into a food processor or regular blender too. Serve with crusty bread :) 

And if you don’t have a slow cooker, I bet you could probably do that stovetop too, maybe even roast the veggies first? Let me know what you do/how it comes out!!! Oh, and I used one smaller squash, and one bigger potato, but those aren’t set proportions. If things are too thick for your liking, add some water or stock  

I had a blast designing the bandcamp page for Safety Razors’ first release, which is available as of today! Go check it out, lots of great tunes! 🎵 🎶 #design #mywork #tunes #doinitright

You heard it here first, folks. Another successful installment of cooking while I sleep has passed the taste test. Hello, butternut squash & sweet potato soup! #feedyoself

Oh hey hey, good mail day!

Lookie what the grandfolks brought! #christmasinoctober #tennisballsfordays #RemiMoo #catahoulasofinstagram #catahoula

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