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from Kati: “This piece has a lot of meaning for me. I provide it to charities like A Home for Greys that ask for auction donations. I donate part of the proceeds to Girls Rock Philly while…

"ESPECIALLY if you’re one of those people whose first response is “oh that’s so simple, anyone could make it who cares” If that’s the case why aren’t these designers and the companies that employ them making their own? It’s because 80% is the idea, knowing what words, what images, what ideas people like, and here on tumblr it’s REALLY easy to see what people like, it’s absolutely quantified in the notes attached to something. It’s a clear sign to a lazy designer or piece of shit company that something is a sure win, were it to become a tshirt."

I see the above stated attitude way too much in conversations about plagiarism, wherein some uneducated defender of people’s right to steal goes off about how the original work “wasn’t even that creative in the first place”. THAT IS BULLSHIT, and I’m glad that Jeanne was able to articulately state why, and really, only someone who is not an artist or creator themselves would carry that attitude anyway. Saying that an image is simple and obvious is not an excuse for someone else to just take it, and it’s actually an insult to the artist who made it: the best art looks effortless, that doesn’t mean that it is.

Credit work. Don’t steal. That should be the simple part.


The second Kittyhawk video is now up at Little Elephant. Watch “The Daily Dodger” from their split with FrameworksDroughts„ and Prawn. Watch it here and order the split from Fair Weather Records:

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Does anyone else reply to a text mentally but not physically then forgets to actually reply all together or is that just me

Curve game subconscious

constant struggle 


Alfred Hitchcock Presents “The Better Bargain”

Last week I watched so many Hitchcock films as well as learned a bunch about him and his process and even watched the movie about him too, so like… significant stuff that happened in a short time that I didn’t realize were going to happen, and that’s cool. 

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I love my girlfriend. This woman has brought me more joy in 8 months than I’ve ever felt in my entire life. She takes care of me, she has my back but she also challenges me to be better. I want to share a life with her and make her dreams come true. I’m so proud to be with her. She has a spirit like one one else and I can’t get enough.

3 months later and I still can’t believe how lucky I am to be with such a wonderful lady. I love her more than anything

I love seeing things like this :) 


What We Learned from the Inventor of the Treadmill Desk

(who convinced Brian Lehrer to conduct the interview while standing)

  • There are a number of problems associated with chronic sitting: diabetes, hypertension, cancer, cardiovascular disease, depression, back pain.
  • Dr. James Levine’s goal is only 3 hours of sitting a day. He even stood at his microphone in our studio!
  • The ideal speed for your treadmill desk is 1.1 miles per hour. Keep in mind, the average walking speed is 3.1 miles per hour, so 1 mph is pretty leisurely.
  • What if I work out every morning before work – does that counteract the effects of sitting at the office? Dr. Levine says the benefits of a daily run are entirely offset by a day of sitting. He suggests starting by standing up at least once every hour and taking a stroll around the office.
  • Callers who use a treadmill desk said they experience… higher levels of energy throughout the day and after work, improved focus and attention, heightened productivity (Levine says corporate studies show productivity jumps 10%to 15% with treadmill desks).
  • What about standing desks? Exercise balls? Just as we’re not designed to sit for 13 hours a day, we’re not meant to stand for that long either. Standing creates other problems like varicose veins and lower back pain, and while exercise balls are good for your upper core, Dr. Levine sees them as a gateway to the treadmill desk.
  • It’s not really about the treadmill – the key is building movement into your day. People have an innate drive to move, and enabling that drive helps us learn and work better.
  • Kids need movement too! Levine designed a school that allows children to move around the classrooms freely. Teachers reported improved concentration, and students’ scores on state tests improved by about 10%. (And no, little boys aren’t more fidgety than little girls!)
  • What do you do to add movement to your day? Here are some suggestions from listeners, but feel free to add your own in the comments: take a daily walk during your lunch break, do lunges with your baby/pet/weights while watching TV, weed the garden, walk the bridges…

yeah i can’t even handle a treadmill on its own nevermind try to do work while at one uhhhhhhhhh

but, obvs support for movement in my day vs so much sitting, plz & thx


This is how you sneak more quinoa into your life.

most of that ain’t sneakin’

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Response, Removal & Apology within 20 minutes. 


Still, WHAAAT IS YOUR SM STRATEGY?!  Really freakin’ strange. At least they got this part right. 


Sooo… a picture I posted earlier (via instagram, pushed to twitter, tumblr, fb) got a (twitter) reply from a brand, where they took said picture, did a little text overlay with a phrase, with a footer mentioning their brand. Tweeted to me. A brand that I do not follow.

My first reaction is that

praisedbywolves​ said: Why don’t you just ask them to respectfully remove the image?

I’m probably going to. It’s less about that I care that they’re using my image in particular, and more that I care that they’re doing this at all. Asking for my image to be taken down will probably work, but only fixes that for me, not that this is happening in general. My default reaction to things is wanting to help, and if this were a small/local/nice brand that I liked or had some connection to, I’d want to help in advising them about their approach. But it’s not. But I still feel like I could be doing something more. Ugh, complicated feels. 

jennifermorris said: An independent brand I love deeply did this to me and it still pissed me off.

Yeah, thankfully this brand I don’t use and really have not thought of as a good one in the first place.